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There is an old saying in Paris, “a man treats his car, like the way he treats himself” which means they do judge you by the way your car looks, strange but true. Certainly this is not limited to males only there are so many independent or dependent females who are maintaining their own vehicles and love it. Anyways, every weekend the first and the foremost priority for every person (who owns a car) are to give a nice showers to that beautiful baby out there (his/her car).  Overhauling, normal air and filter checks are quite common without it nobody can run the show, definitely vehicle is such a big facility that one must not take it for granted and certainly there are some details which one can give to his/her vehicle in order to make it look nicer, bolder and sexier. Let roll on to some small but really useful items which one can add in the car and give it a new look, without spending huge amount of money: 

Car mats: most important accessory which one can install in the car is floor mats, in order to avoid messy carpet situation, unnecessary dust in the car, unusual dirt etc. floor of the mobile car detailing in Sydney prices is already compact with limited space, unnecessary dirt can create a lot of problem for the owner, vacuuming it out is a good option but very hectic. By using $10 to 12 one can easily buy a nice pair of floor mats, which can be cleaned out of the car once the dirt is on it (instead of vacuuming or cleaning the dirt every now and then). 

Shades and tints: this is a must do for every owner, in order to maintain the privacy and to help the AC of your car to perform better than ever; tint the side glasses of the car it actually stops the sightseeing for the people around you (while waiting on the red light) plus it adds value to the performance of the AC of the car. Just visit the suitable car mechanic and ask them to provide the necessary product, there are different levels of tinting (zero tinting is the least black). This not only enhances the look of the car but also, provides complete protection from UV rays and sunlight. If a person loves to get than sunlight in the car just install temporary black shades on the glasses of the car (remove them as and when required). 

Back viper and camera: there are some cars which do not possess facilities like: back glass viper and back camera, there are so many shops and service providers available to do the needful, back camera allows to easily reverse the car without getting a hit (especially helps in parking). Back viper can facilitate not less than a camera, again some cars does not have the back viper (so it’s better to install it in less bucks before next rainy season) 

There are so many other items which can be installed in the car and they can provide some suitable looks to the car itself for example: spoilers, matching mud pads, fog lights etc. it is important to note that these items requires some extra bucks as compared to the items mentioned above. For more information, please log on to

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