How Much Is The Cost Of Asbestos Removal?

Asbestos can be experienced and faced in many of the Australian houses. Being a dangerous substance, it should not be altered or cut by humans in any of the ways. When the asbestos fibers are inborn and inhaled or ingested, issues create at that moment as its particles form lining outside the lungs and abdomen. This further leads to chronic diseases and mesothelioma. This marks its consequences to be of high concern for its users. So you must be wondering about the cost of asbestos roof removal in Gold Coast? 

IT is solely dependent on the quantity of the asbestos removal. If in case, greater quantity of asbestos needs removal then it is an expensive process. IT should become home improvement plan as asbestos removal is highly preferable and beneficial for your family’s and neighbours’ health.  

What is the cost of Asbestos Removal? 

Square meter is used for measuring the asbestos removal. It may cost you somewhat in between $ 25m2 to $ 50m2. However, the cost may increase and fluctuate as well as increase due to the complexity of its removal job. Still, there is a list of factors listed below: 

  • The quantity of asbestos that needs to be removed 
  • The accessibility difficulty that will increase the cost of asbestos removal 
  • What is the asbestos condition? Damaged asbestos will be more expensive.  
  • Travelling time may also be included in the cost. 

The asbestos removal may cost you: 

  • $3500 -$5500 for removing the asbestos roof 
  • $25-$50 for removing asbestos fencing ‘s one sheet  
  • $40- $100 for removing asbestos ceiling’ square meter  
  • $1500-$2500 for removing eaves 
  • $1000- $1500 for removing one room’s  internal cladding  
  • $4000- $5000 for removing of the external cladding 
  • $100-$900 for removing asbestos flooring that depends on square meters which needs removal 
  • $188/ tonne (average) for removing asbestos from the soil. The cost may get higher if the quantity of asbestos is higher in soil. 

All the above prices mentioned are based on the averages. Removal of asbestos in more quantity will be less expensive because of the traveling time, tipping cost and setup time. Due to the square meters, the prices of asbestos removal may vary and the prices are exclusive of tipping charges. 


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