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EWP license

For companies and fleets aiming to lower incident rates and increase road safety, we create and implement customized driver training programs. The approaches used by Access Training Centre are based on years of expertise in lowering incident rates among some of the largest commercial fleets in Australia as well as local and international research. We bring dynamic and inspirational Safe Driving Workshops to your company in Adelaide or a nearby rural area of South Australia, coupled with on-road driving training. Defensive driving Course Adelaide is held at Mallala Raceway and The Bend Motorsport Park. Despite the settings, our primary interest is not “motorsport.” Our goal is to modify participant behavior, particularly with regard to speed, following distance, observation, and planning. All of our courses include a refresher on how to use the vehicle’s cutting-edge safety features for your crew. Additionally, the participants are given advice on parking, backing up, seating, posture, and maintaining a safe car. It will also guarantee that your employees are aware of their legal responsibilities while operating a vehicle. You and your team can stay safe on the road with the assistance of Access Training Center’s Defensive Driving Courses Adelaide. Become a more careful driver. Corporate, fleet, or private car drivers can enroll in defensive courses that are tailored for individuals or groups. On-the-job training is provided in authentic learning environments. We welcome P-plate and learner drivers. You can give courses in your Ute, van, or automobile. If required, we can also provide training cars.

Improve your driving

Average drivers have accidents! Pure math indicates that an average driver will have four collisions throughout their lifetime. There are more than 1.1 million drivers in South Australia, and every day, 200 of them are engaged in collisions. The stats don’t stack up as the majority of drivers have been on the road for at least 60 years. Driving defensively makes for better driving. Think critically and keep safe by doing so.

Driving defensively keeps you safe

Learn preventative measures that have a significant impact on your driving safety. Learn “Positive Driving” strategies that everyone should know but doesn’t!

What Permit Is Required To Operate A EWP?


There are two common licenses when it comes to the EWP license.

  • High Risk Work License class; EWPA Yellow Card trained operator license WP

Regarding these two licenses, we frequently get inquiries regarding the machines they cover, whether there are any height restrictions, and whether you need one or both. In this post, we’ll try to shed some light on the most often asked questions by responding to them.

What tools can you utilize if you have a EWP license?

Any blast type hoisting work stage, including self-pushed, trailer-mounted, and truck-mounted blast lifts with a level or reach of 11m or more inside Australia, is hardware you can work with a EWP license. What’s more, signing up for a EWP course is the most secure way to deal with figure out how to utilize this hardware.

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