Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Get them under control as soon as possible with the help of our skilled team, whether you are buying a new house or have seen signs of termites. Don’t give termites in Geelong the chance to destroy your home and your peace of mind. They search for locations that have a high moisture content in the soil and, as a result, have a high possibility of finding moist timber, which is perfect as a food source for termites. No matter what stage your termite infestation is in, we have treatment options that are non-invasive, ecologically friendly, and safe for both children and pets.

Termites are a widespread problem in residential areas around Australia, particularly in larger towns such as Geelong. They can even be found in trees. It is possible for a termite infestation to inflict substantial and expensive structural damage to a home if the infestation is allowed to go untreated for an extended period. An inspection for termites is the first stage in developing a thorough treatment plan. This allows for the early diagnosis of a termite or wood pest problem, as well as the identification of problem or sensitive locations within your home for the purpose of proactive avoidance. Monitoring and barrier treatments are both part of termite prevention, which aims to actively safeguard your house from the danger posed by termites as well as the damage they create. All the materials and procedures used for termite pest control are safe for the environment. They are designed to achieve optimal results for both commercial and residential premises, while causing our customers the least amount of disruption possible. It is crucial to do annual inspections of both your home and property in order to discover any signs of termite activity in its earliest stages, long before a full-blown infestation causes costly damage to both your home and any exterior structures.

It is important to have annual inspection for determining the potential of a termite infestation in your property and how susceptible it is to such an infestation requires looking at any existing termite barriers to see if termites have formed nests around those barriers. To estimate the likelihood of termite infestation in a home, the skilled pest treatment technicians in Geelong examine the surrounding environment and the construction components. During thorough termite inspection, several important regional characteristics are taken into consideration, including the circumstances in the immediate environment, the weather at that time of the year, kinds of wood potential and the weak places in your home’s external constructions.

The early detection of termite activity in Geelong, through an inspection enables our pest management experts to build an efficient termite treatment plan. This plan is based on the type of wood pest, the habits of the timber pests, and the level of damage that has been caused. If you have found signs of termite activity in your house, our termite inspection service in Geelong will examine all sections of your property to determine the full scope of the infestation. Commonly vulnerable areas include the timbers in the basements and foundations, as well as those that are visible and accessible. To detect termites, you must first determine the kind of termite and then devise a treatment strategy that is both effective and quick, focusing on the its unique traits. For more information visit our website:

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